Seeding Planter

The superior world sign simple hole plate seeder, is grows seedlings specially for each pattern seeder of the hole plate design.Type of the this aircraft simple facile, the operation is easy, not only the sowing seeds speed is quick, moreover precision of the sowing seeds is high.
Reports agricultural tools and machinery of performance determination based on the Executive Yuan Agriculture committee Agriculture Laboratory (No.299), confirmed already 128 standard hole plate determination sea cabbage seed seeding rate may reach 99.24%, sowing seeds speed average each hour may sow seeds 236.5.The superior world sign simple hole plate seeder, is in the middle of the present all brand seeder, the sowing seeds speed is quickest, sowing seeds precision highest hole plate seeder.In addition, because the price is cheap, organism is small, moves facilely, the operation is easy, is the vegetables fruits and melons and flowers and plants sowing seeds grows seedlings the best helper.

Complete picture of the Seeding Planter.

The hole plate thrusts falls plants the hole base the situation.

Operation sowing-drill situation.

Each seed precise enters the sowing seeds plate.

This seeder may hole of plate specification.

Hole plate seedling growth situation.