Efficiency Comparison
items Traditional method Yu's Seeding Planter Remarks
Seeding speed Manual,slow Fast,completed in3-5 Secs
Manpower More labors Only 2-3 labors
Operation Easy but more labors Easy to operate with less manpower
Seed Seed wasted and less productive High accuracy and productive
Efficiency Time wasted Fast and high efficiency
Planting Time consumed Quick and easy
Transplant Required and Time wasted No need
Growth General 7days quicker than traditional method
Harvest More manpower required and time consumed Easy and fast

The planter vegetables have the following merit:
1. operations simple, under the spatial demand, the working efficiency is high.
2. sowing seeds precisions may reach 100%, the zero lacks.
3. need oils do not anticipate the electrical bill disbursement, the zero pollution.
4. structural designs are simple, does not have to service the maintenance, the zero breakdown.
5. vegetables growth speed is quick, the degree of uniformity is even, the yield per unit of area is high.
6. seeder prices are cheap, not to 1/10th automated seeder, but sowing seeds efficiency compared to automated seeder quick 2.5 times.
7. grows seedlings the hole plate service life to be long unstaggered, although the initial period must disburse the cost, but not and may return to a year this, after the second year may save the wages massively, recycles immediately.